Why to goenergy autonomous

smart electronic devices
There are more and more electronic devices per capita which makes it difficult to charge them timely
Consumers and industries
Most of those devices are powered by non-rechargeable batteries that have to be replaced
Consumers and industries
Consumers and industries don’t
want to run out of batteries and pollute environment
everlasting devices
In fact, users crave for everlasting devices which remove the headache of battery replacement

Examples of deviceswe work with

  • gas sensors
  • fire sensors
  • pipes sensors
  • water meters
  • asset trackers
  • smart logistics
  • current sensors
  • anti-collision sensors
  • air pollution sensors
  • smoke detector sensors
  • tank monitoring sensors
  • pet trackers
  • smart toys
  • smartwatches
  • people trackers
  • window clothes
  • parking sensors
  • smart logistics
  • wireless earphones
  • greenhouse sensors
  • livestock feeding sensors
  • medication dispensing devices
  • assets localization in hospitals
  • fire alarms
  • smart locks
  • smart valves
  • smart cameras
  • motion sensors
  • people detection
  • air quality devices
  • gas leakage monitors
  • light switches sensors
  • aroma diffuser sensors
  • window and doors sensors
  • smart kitchen devices (scales, bins, etc.)

Why workwith us?

Solutions crafted for YOU
We are the only company offering 2 lines of products (PMICs & MCUs) that can be used separately or together to provide you with the best energy management results
Top performing products
Our clients confirm the superiority of our product against our competitors in many parameters: performance, size, ease of use, etc.
Dedicated support
These are not empty words, we are there to assist you with the integration process from the BEGINNING till THE END and BEYOND
Greener planet
By choosing e-peas’ products, you contribute to less harmful rechargeable batteries and therefore a greener planet for generations to come

What will change for you afterimplementing our technology?

Market leadership
You will stand out from the competition by offering to the market the innovative product that doesn’t require battery change
Satisfied customers
Customers will opt for your product over competitors who are still lagging behind with the conventional technology
Increased revenues
By providing a desirable product to consumers, you will increase your market share and revenues
Greener impact
You will be a proud contributor to a greener planet for generations to come

Our case studies and news

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Ossia, e-peas, and E Ink Collaborate on Wirelessly Powered Electronic Paper Displays for IoT
Industry-leading Energy Harvesting Technology From e-peas Enables Accurate and Continuous Animal Tracking

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Electronica 2020
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Sensors Expo & Conference
Nov. 16-18
San Jose, CA
CES 2021
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Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Things Conference
Jan. 28-29, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Embedded World 2021
March 2-4
Nuremberg, Germany
Hannover Messe 2021
April 12-16
Hannover, Germany
Viva Technology 2021
Spring 2021
Paris, France

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