Try our ultra-low-power semiconductors

  • Energy Harvesting PMICs

    Make the batteries live forever by harvesting and storing ambient energy with our leading ICs

  • Microcontroller

    Process your IoT devices’ data with our intelligent low power consumption microcontrollers


Check if our products are suitable for your applications

Our solutions suit a wide range of wireless IoT applications: Home automation, smart buildings, smart cities, smart metering, wearables, e-health, people and assets indoor tracking, smart agriculture, etc.

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Our solutions are for you, if :

  • ultra-low-power device

    You develop an ultra-low-power wireless device(s) which usually operate(s) on a battery

  • energy harvesting

    You want to be a market leader & produce devices with batteries that live forever

  • innovative wireless devices

    You want your customers to be satisfied with your innovative product

  • green-energy-company

    Green energy is your company's value & you target to reduce your carbon footprint

Who are our solutions for ?

  • Global industrial actors developing hardware sensors for IoT devices as a new product offering or to monitor their operations

  • Local industrial actors looking to extend the battery life of wireless IoT devices and searching for the best performing ICs

  • Leading-edge hardware design houses developing energy autonomous solutions for wireless sensor devices

  • Start-ups willing to disrupt existing offerings and bring to the market innovative wireless products with long lasting batteries

  • Universities and partners in associated fields like energy harvesters & innovative battery solutions that want to explore best-of-breed solutions

  • Distributors willing to retail best performing, innovative PMICs for the rapidly growing IoT market

Why choose us?

  • Innovation

    To help you remove the burden of battery replacement, we pioneer development of sub threshold ICs backed by breakthrough patents & more than 10yrs of research

  • Ultra-low power focused

    Ultra-low power is our area of expertise & only focus. We have the best team of PhDs on the matter & deliver the best performing PMICs on the market

  • Reliability

    We work with established & trusted supply chain partners & the most reactive distributors to offer you a flawless high quality service

  • Customer focused

    We promise you a direct access to our team of top-notch engineers & the opportunity to get help on system design issues & customizations


  • Find our energy harvesting modules on Fujitsu Europe Webshop

    Good news ! You can now find our energy harvesting modules on Fujitsu webshop here. This is the perfect way to start in energy harvesting for the IoT, evaluate our best-in-class chips and quickly build your MVP/first prototype for your new product! All of...

  • Hawyang semi conductor distributor greater china E-Peas

    e-peas expands its coverage in Greater China with distribution partner Hawyang Semiconductor

    e-peas is proud to announce its collaboration with Hawyang Semiconductor, an established value-added IC distributor. Our new distributor is based in Taiwan, serving customers in the region with technical support and turnkey solutions. “Power management has always been a core business since Hawyang’s founding...

  • Fujitsu Electronics Europe is e-peas new distribution partner in Europe

    Fujitsu Electronics Europe is our new distribution partner in Europe

    We’re proud to announce the extension of our partners network with the addition of Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) as a Value Added Distributor for our game-changing ultra-low power energy management technology. Thanks to their solid technical experience and direct contacts with customers all over...