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Energy harvesting and processing solutions for longer battery life,
increased robustness in all IoT applications

Connect with the right partners

We have carefully selected a network of engineering-led partners who collaborate closely with us to meet your business needs.

Our distributors have in-depth application knowledge in power-frugal IoT wireless sensor/actuator systems, empowering them to deliver local, value-added product sales services to help you design innovative products and accelerate project development cycles.

This list of partners builds up regularly as we progress in the market, check it out for updates.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly and we’ll help you innovate with ultra-low power.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland

United Kingdom, Ireland

Denmark, Sweden

Asia, Greater China, Taiwan

Israel & Turkey

France, Benelux & North Africa

Are you ready for your next IoT sensor design ?

Whatever your application, e-peas has you covered with a unique products portfolio, offering unmatched extremely-low-power consumption, robustness of operation and ease of integration.

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