• Vin 120 mV to 1.5 V
  • Cold start 5 μW @ 550 mV
  • Pin 3 μW to 250 mW
  • Pout N/A
  • Package QFN28 4 x 4 mm

Cold start from 250 mV input voltage and 5 μW input power (typical)

– Fast start-up from source

Constant input voltage regulation (0.12 V to 1.47 V)

  • Optimized for single /dual elements capacitive PV cell, intermittent and pulsed power sources

Selectable overdischarge and overcharge protection

  • Supports various of rechargeable batteries (LiC, Li-ion, LiPo, super capacitor, Li-ceramic pouch, etc.)

Ultra-low power idle modes

  • Stored energy is preserved when no source available

Shipping and shelf mode

  • Prevents energy  drain from battery when no source available (KEEP_ALIVE pin)
  • Disables storage element charging (DIS_STO_CH pin)

Configuration pins or I2C

  • Easy setup
  • Basic settings at startup with configuration pins
  • Advanced configuration with I2C

Average power monitoring

  • Easy estimation of the harvested power

Integrated thermistor conditioning circuit

  • Configurable battery thermal protection

QFN 28-pin 4x4mm

  • Small PCB footprint and low cost

Only three passive component required

  • Low BOM cost


AEM00900/1 Datasheet Download
AEM00900/1 User Guide Download

AEM00900/1 User Guide Download


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