The microcontroller is at the heart of every sensor system and is responsible for the control of all the system’s elements, encompassing power management, data sensing, data processing or data transmission. With such a central position, it has a key role in the energy efficiency of the whole system.

With that understanding, e-peas proposes a general purposes microcontroller, based on a 32-bit ARM architecture and presenting an extremely low power consumption, both in active and standby mode. This is achieved by a combination of proper technology selection, advanced design techniques, integrated power regulators and an intelligent multi-mode power management unit that allows for fine power tuning.

In addition, the microcontroller is fully equipped for modern IoT applications:

  • internal communication for peripherals core-less operation
  • embedded memories (Flash, SRAM)
  • cryptographic module (AES)
  • communication modules (UART, SPI, I2C)
  • timers (Watchdog, RTC, timers multi-function) and a low-power ADC.

As wireless sensors, wearables, industrial nodes and other IoT systems are blooming, e-peas comes up with an ultra-low-power highly-integrated microcontroller solution to turn any edge devices into true “install and forget” systems, in compliance with its core mission.


If you want to know more about our revolutionary line of microcontrollers for IoT sensors or if you want to tell us more about your application to make sure we can meet your requirements, we’d be glad to hear from you.