e-peas is paving the way for maintenance-free wireless sensors at Energy Harvesting Europe in Berlin

On the 10th and 11th of May, e-peas, the ultra-low power semiconductor company, has unveiled new and unique solutions for energy harvesting from outdoor and indoor light, vibrations as well as thermoelectric and RF generators. e-peas booth L18 was a hub of innovation as attendees saw how energy harvesting can help getting rid of the battery…   More

Meet us on stand 4A-448

Come and see real indoor light energy harvesting at work

If you’re designing wireless sensors for applications like industrial monitoring, geolocation, home automation, wearables, smart building… we have what you need to get rid of battery replacements and their associated costs. e-peas, the ultra-low power semiconductor company, will showcase its disruptive technology on stand 4A-448 at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, from 14th to 16th…   More

Come and meet us at IoT World Congress in Barcelona

Join us at the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona from 25th to 27th October and discover how to avoid battery replacement costs in wireless IoT applications. e-peas will be demonstrating its Ambient Energy Management IC in action and explain how it can help you innovate in sensors applications like industrial monitoring, geolocation, home automation, wearables, smart…   More

Energy harvesting IC available

We’re proud to announce the commercial availability of our first IC

The AEM10940 utilizes e-peas unique proprietary energy management technology in order to maximize the efficiency with which electronic hardware draws energy from the ambient environment. This device, which is now in full scale production, is set to have major implications for the various power-frugal sensing applications currently emerging – including those covering all aspects of…   More

Big success for e-peas Ambient Energy Manager at Energy Harvesting & Storage in Berlin

e-peas, the ultra-low power semiconductor company, demonstrated practical use cases of ambient energy harvesting for geolocation and beacon applications at Energy Harvesting & Storage 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Nanotron ( was on e-peas booth showcasing its swarm bee LE module solely powered by light. Swarm bee is the hardware foundation of Nanotron’s embedded location platform….   More

Join e-peas at Smart IoT London

On the 12th and 13th of April at ExCel London, e-peas will be showcasing its Ambient Energy Management IC in action and share practical insights on wireless sensors power budget issues. If you’re looking to reduce or get rid of the maintenance costs of your wireless sensors in applications like industrial monitoring, geolocation, home automation,…   More

Energy harvesting IC

Evaluation Board Opens Up New Opportunities for IoT Deployments Solely Reliant on Ambient Energy

e-peas has introduced the first in a series of innovative products with the objective of revolutionizing power delivery in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as remote monitoring and building automation. The AEM10940 evaluation board showcases the company’s proprietary energy management technology – allowing engineers to experiment with the AEM10940 power IC platform and analyze…   More

“This is the most disruptive innovation I saw on the show” Matas Petrikas, VAIKAI CEO

e-peas, the ultra-low power semiconductor company, showcased its new AEM10940 Ambient Energy Management IC and evaluation board at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. The many visitors to our booth expressed their surprise and excitment for what the technology allows: avoiding the replacement of batteries in most wireless applications. This opens the door to quick,…   More

e-peas nominated to the “Disruptive Innovation of the Year” award

e-peas has been nominated to the “Disruptive Innovation of the Year” award at the Tech Startup Day by an experts panel that share our vision of a greener and more efficient connected world thanks to ambient energy harvesting and a drastic drop in power consumption in all wireless devices. The price will go to the…   More

energy harvesting IC e-peas

e-peas to showcase disruptive energy harvesting chip for wireless sensors

On the 18th and 19th of November, e-peas will be demonstrating the new version of its AEM1x940 at the Energy Harvesting and Storage Conference USA 2015. The AEM1x940 is an ambient energy harvesting chip dedicated to wireless sensor nodes applications. With the lowest power cold-start and the smallest footprint on the market, it is particularly suited for low-light…   More