AEM40940 – Energy Harvesting Power Management IC


E-peas’ RF energy harvesting IC solution – AEM40940 – is the next generation integrated energy management subsystem integrating a rectifier that extracts AC power from ambient RF waves to simultaneously store energy in a rechargeable element and supply the system with two independent regulated voltages. This allows product designers and engineers to extend battery lifetime and ultimately get rid of the primary energy storage element in a large range of wireless applications like industrial monitoring, home automation, wearables.


Ultra-low power start-up:

  • RF input power from -19.5dBm up to 10dBm (typical)
  • Cold start from the RF input or from the storage device

Ultra-low power boost regulator:

  • Open-circuit voltage sensing for MPPT every 0.33s
  • Configurable MPPT with 2-pin programming
  • Selectable Voc ratios of 60, 65 or 70 %
  • Input voltage operation range from 50mV to 2.5V
  • MPPT voltage operation range from 50mV to 2.5V
  • Constant impedance Matching (ZMPPT)

Integrated 1.2/1.8 V LDO regulator:

  • Up to 20 mA load current
  • Power gated dynamically by external control
  • Selectable output voltage

Integrated 1.8 V-3.3 V LDO regulator:

  • Up to 80 mA load current with 300 mV drop-out
  • Power gated dynamically by external control
  • Selectable or adjustable output voltage

Flexible energy storage management:

  • Selectable overcharge and overdischarge protection
  • For any type of rechargeable battery or (super)capacitor
  • Fast supercapacitor charging
  • Warns the load when battery is running low
  • Warns when output voltage regulators are available

Smallest footprint, smallest BOM:

  • Only seven passive external components

Optional primary battery:

  • Automatically switches to the primary battery when the secondary battery is exhausted

Integrated balun for dual-cell supercapacitor


Description Version Updated Download
AEM40940 product brief PB_AEM40940_REV1.4 17/05/2018 Download
AEM40940 datasheet DS_AEM40940_REV1.1 25/09/2018 Download
Configuration tool REV1.1 21/08/2018 Download
AEM40940 user guide UG_AEM40940_REV1.0 25/09/2018 Download
AEM40940 EvB Quick start Guide QSG_AEM40940_REV1.1 29/07/2019 Download
ALTIUM and EAGLE files about the AEM40940 / Simplified schematic and BOM AEM40940_XXC_V1.2 29/07/2019 Download