Productize tested e-peas’ energy harvester – AEM1x940

energy harvesting IC

We are glad to share with you the external testing of our energy harvester – AEM1x940 by Productize.

Productize is an IoT agency that helps their clients turn concepts into tangible products. They agree with e-peas to say that power is a big constraint for connected products. For this reason, they are constantly looking for solutions to either harvest ambient energy or to reduce the power consumption of their systems. They successfully did some tests with our energy harvester – AEM1x940, and shared their testing details in a blog.

Productize’s conclusion

We are really satisfied by the results. We ran a Bluetooth beacon-like device and low power microcontroller with display on only small solar panel. We deliberately chose a low cost solar panel, a low cost energy storage (capacitor) and a very bad light environment to simulate a worst case scenario. The technology proved to be very promising to build autonomous wireless sensors that can work outside or indoor. This can open the door to exciting new applications and products.