“This is the most disruptive innovation I saw on the show” Matas Petrikas, VAIKAI CEO

e-peas, the ultra-low power semiconductor company, showcased its new AEM10940 Ambient Energy Management IC and evaluation board at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The many visitors to our booth expressed their surprise and excitment for what the technology allows: avoiding the replacement of batteries in most wireless applications. This opens the door to quick, innovative deployments of wireless devices in places or for applications that were simply not conceivable before.

The AEM10940 evaluation board demonstrates the capabilities of our Ambient Energy Management IC in practical areas like industrial monitoring, geolocation, home automation, wearables, smart building…

Besides top energy conversion efficiency, the fastest supercapacitor charge and the lowest cold-start power, the AEM10940 has the smallest footprint and associated components BOM, helping you save engineering and manufacturing costs of your ambient energy powered wireless devices, while reducing time-to-market.

Visit the AEM10940 product page for more information