e-peas expands its coverage in Greater China with distribution partner Hawyang Semiconductor Copy

Hawyang semi conductor distributor greater china E-Peas

e-peas is proud to announce its collaboration with Hawyang Semiconductor, an established value-added IC distributor. Our new distributor is based in Taiwan, serving customers in the region with technical support and turnkey solutions.

“Power management has always been a core business since Hawyang’s founding in 1990. Our experience and network in the industry make us no stranger to the market’s craving for smarter solutions with the advent of Industry 4.0. When we discovered e-peas product range we immediately saw the match with the growing demand for ultra-low power embedded systems in the region. It is the perfect opportunity for us to introduce the exciting products of e-peas to local clientele. We are delighted to represent e-peas in this fast-growing market.”

Vincent Lee, VP of Sales & Marketing

e-peas很荣幸地宣布将开启与浩阳半体的合作。浩阳半体是一间总部位于台湾的专业芯片经销商,提供区域内的客支持与一站式解决方案(turnkey solutions)。

 浩阳业务李文城(Vincent Lee)表示:浩阳自1990年成立以来,源管理一直是公司的核心业务年累的市场经验界人脉深刻了解到,在工4.0的潮流下,市场对智能解决方案的烈渴求。浩阳负责的代理区域内嵌入式系embedded systems)不断高的需求,正著是候引e-peas如此吸引眼球的品。我很高在此快速成的市中代表e-peas

e-peas很榮幸地宣布將開與浩陽半導體的合作。浩陽半導體是一間總部位於臺灣的專業IC經銷商,提供區域的客技術支援與一站式解決方案(turnkey solutions)。

 浩陽業務行銷副總李文城(Vincent Lee)表示:「浩陽自1990年成立以來,電源管理一直是公司的核心業務。長年累積的市場經驗與業界人脈讓我們深刻了解到,在工業4.0的潮流下,市場對智慧型解決方案的強烈渴求。浩陽負責的代理區域對嵌入式系統(embedded systems)不斷高漲的需求,正代表是時候引進e-peas令人眼睛為之一亮的品。我們很高興能在此快速成長的市場中代表e-peas為客服務。