Big success for e-peas Ambient Energy Manager at Energy Harvesting & Storage in Berlin

e-peas, the ultra-low power semiconductor company, demonstrated practical use cases of ambient energy harvesting for geolocation and beacon applications at Energy Harvesting & Storage 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

Nanotron ( was on e-peas booth showcasing its swarm bee LE module solely powered by light. Swarm bee is the hardware foundation of Nanotron’s embedded location platform. It delivers location-awareness for safety and productivity solutions across industrial and consumer markets. “e-peas technology is a game-changer. It opens completely new possibilities for people concerned with batteries replacement and their associated costs, it allows to operate our swarm bee LE modules completely autonomously.” said Marcel Borwitzky, Senior Product Manager at Nanotron. “This is not just good news for our products, but also for our clients as they can now benefit from drastic maintenance costs reductions.”

SunPartner ( and their WYSIPS transparent photovoltaïc cells were also present to explain how their technology combined with e-peas AEM10940 Ambient Energy Management can extend the battery life of all mobile devices while preserving their design and aesthetics.

We warmly thank the many visitors for their positive feedback and concrete projects.

e-peas technology allows to get rid of the replacement of batteries in most wireless applications like industrial monitoring, geolocation, home automation, wearables, smart building…

Visit the AEM10940 product page for more information.

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