To substantially extend battery lifetime and avoid the heavy maintenance costs of replacing batteries in all wireless sensor nodes, e-peas presents the AEM line of ambient energy management IC.

Relying on 10 years of research and patented intellectual property, the AEM core architecture revolutionizes power delivery in Internet of Things (IoT) applications and is being deployed in all sorts of environment and application configurations.

The first member of the family, the AEM10940, extracts DC power from PV cells to simultaneously store energy in a rechargeable element and supply the system electronics with two independent regulated voltages.

Besides top energy conversion efficiency, the fastest supercapacitor charge and the lowest cold-start power, the AEM10940 has the smallest footprint and associated components BOM, helping you save engineering and manufacturing costs of your ambient energy powered wireless devices, while reducing time-to-market.

This allows product designers and engineers to extend battery lifetime and ultimately get rid of the primary energy storage element in a large range of wireless applications like industrial monitoring, geolocation, home automation, wearables…

Product Matrix

Ref. Vin Cold-start Pin Pout MPPT Package Disp.
AEM10940 0.1V to 2.5V 380mV
1µW to 50mW 10mA@1.8V
Yes QFN24
  • Available
  • Not available
  • Engineering samples