The below examples of IoT applications can give you an idea if our energy harvesting solutions and microcontrollers are suitable for your IoT application. The list is not exhaustive.

e-peas understands that extremely-low-power is a must-have in today’s industrial and IoT applications but also that it is quite challenging to integrate in new products. We bring our extremely-low-power experience to you with a range of disruptive semiconductors, easy to use development kits and a network of expert partners. We help you speed up time-to-market and performances all at once.

Contact us if you’re looking to develop products for the following applications

  • Home automation

    Light switches, light sensors
    Smart valves, smart thermostats
    Smart locks, motion sensors
    Smart cameras
    Smart kitechen scales, pans, plates, forks, bins
    Aroma diffuser sensor
    Fire detectors

  • Industry

    Smoke detector sensors
    Current sensors
    Air pollution sensor
    Real time localisation trackers
    Pressure, temperature, activity sensors
    on motors and machines
    Green houses monitoring

  • Smart metering

    Water meters
    Gas meters
    Onroad car counting
    Tank level monitoring
    Monitoring solar energy plants

  • Retail

    Electronic price tags
    Smart fridge thermometers
    Humidity sensors
    Goods tracking
    Supply chain control
    Asset location

  • E-Health

    Patients tracking monitors
    Automatic disinfecting sprays
    Medication dispensing devices
    Body temperature thermometers
    Activity trackers
    Inhaler trackers
    Assets localization in the hospital

  • Mobility

    Speed sensors
    Coolant temperature sensor
    Tyre pressure monitoring sensor
    Parking sensors
    Airplane sensors
    Rail sensors
    Cargo temperature and air pressure

  • Security

    Motion sensors
    Smart security cameras
    Smart alarms
    Perimeter location control
    People detection
    Gas leakage monitoring

  • Society and wearables

    People tracking
    Pet tracking
    Smart watches
    Smart clothes
    Smart glasses
    Smart toys

  • Smart agriculture

    Livestock tracking
    Soil moisture monitoring
    Livestock feeding sensors
    Smart logistics and warehousing

  • Do you want to be the first on the market with new IoT applications?
  • Do you want to slash your industrial sensors design costs?
  • Do you want operational savings and great reviews from your customer on battery life and maintenance?

Whatever your application, e-peas has you covered with unique performances, robustness of operation and ease of integration.

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